Who We Are

We are a team of experts passionate about startup success


Slava Heretz

Founder & CEO

Slava brings leadership experience to high velocity finance, accounting, full cycle recruiting and HR teams. Slava knows the challenges startups face when it comes to building and managing high-performance teams, financial models and building Class A brands. With over seven years experience, Slava and Intelli's clients have raised nearly $100m in VC/Angel funding while seeing tremendous YoY growth.
When not working, Slava loves to travel, scope out unique culinary experiences and discover new tech. He lives in Cambridge, MA with his wife and obnoxious cat. If there is a restaurant he hasn't tried, tell him about it. He already wants to go.

Jason Beddall


Jason is an award-winning video producer and filmmaker with over 15 years of experience in brand development, content production, and marketing strategy. In today's world, reaching your customers can be a challenge, Jason understands what it takes to cut through the noise and create the content and strategy that engages your customers and drives them to action.
When he's not working, Jason loves to travel, play new golf courses and cheer for the Texas Longhorns. He lives in Tulsa, OK with his wife, two girls and an obnoxious guinea pig

Krystle Ellis

Director of Accounting Operations

Krystle oversees critical aspects of financial management, reporting, and fundraising strategy. She thrives when creating creative, scalable tech-forward financial solutions. With a focus in tech and software, her clients range from lifesciences to SaaS to fintech and beyond.

Through architecture of scalable bookkeeping, AP, AR, payroll and financial reporting automation, she is able to provide clients with high-level on-demand business intelligence and unparalleled speed in investor preparation.

She is married to her husband,Josh (who is also in finance), and have two little girls. She currently lives in central Florida and spends her free time doing fun and exciting things like playing on the beach and visiting Disney World.


Peter Hubshman

Head of Financial Products

Peter Hubshman is a corporate finance professional who has focused on startups for more than 20 years as a principal, senior consultant, and startup executive. Successful startups he has worked with include Creditcards.com, BoatSetter.com, shop.com, luggage.com, Itopia.com, DanasBakery.com, TheDroneRacingLeague.com, and others. Mr. Hubshman has successful public and private equity funding experience. He has a Masters in Public and Private Management from the Yale University School of Management, and a BA in Economics from Tufts University.


Rory Smith

Lead Technical Recruiter

Rory Smith is a full desk technical recruiter with over six years of professional experience with agency recruitment and internal recruiting within Boston University's central HR office. He started out recruiting .NET Engineers and QA Automation Engineers in New York City and has worked out of the Boston area since, with a short stint as a recruitment consultant in Perth, Western Australia is 2015. He has recruited for many different skill sets in locations all over the US and world. He is more than happy to recruit for any openings you may have and help find you the best person to help your business thrive.


Marisa Hezekiah

Technical Recruiter

Driven by empathy and curiosity, she specializes in software engineers and digital marketers but will engage with any candidate in need.  Before joining IntelliStack, she stacked on knowledge in recruiting in all fields and will help any teammate on roles that come through! When Marisa isn't in the office, she spends a significant amount of her time restoring a turn-of-the-century home with her husband.