Boston startup marketing consultant

What Does a Boston Startup Marketing Consultant Do?

In startup culture, there can be a ton of buzzwords, and things pushed that you “need” to grow your business. It can be tough to balance the DIY nature of starting your own business with time management and making sure you’re doing everything right. There’s not much room for a significant learning curve when it comes to getting word of your business out there. However, enter the Boston startup marketing consultant!

This will be one of those buzzword titles if you’re not sure what a Boston startup marketing consultant does. It begins with another phrase–bear with me– Inbound Marketing. Using inbound marketing means targeted research which can be converted into a plethora of ways to bring eyes to your business and, hopefully, money to your pocket. A startup marketing consultant specializes in taking small to mid-sized companies and getting large-corporation exposure. High-quality content will help make people aware of your company, giving you leads and networking, which will bring in new customers. It’s what every growing business wants.

What Can a Startup Marketing Consultant Provide?

Aside from their marketing expertise, a consultant will bring an outside and unbiased opinion of your company and product. You’re the expert in your product. You love it and know it like the back of your hand. When it comes to getting eyes on it, though, having someone not so closely attached can be a huge bonus. Your consultant will be able to frame content in ways that attract people who may not understand what you’re offering.

An additional bonus is finding a consultant well versed in your industry. If there are rules or regulations that come with your product, they’ll know about them and help you navigate marketing within those constraints.

Additionally, marketing is their job. So if Facebook ads are yesterday’s news, they’ll know. A startup marketing consultant will constantly be learning what’s hot, what’s helpful, and adapt your strategy to keep up with a market that’s in perpetual flux.


Your name and reputation are what piques interest in you. Allowing a consultant to help you flesh out an image and reputation that’s solid is worth its weight in hard money dollars. If you’re stretched thin and trying to manage your company while being the face of your social media, it might take one bad post on an off day to ruin years of cultivated hard work. Letting an expert handle your content can spare you a PR nightmare.
Buzzwords are overwhelming. You might be up to your nose in synergy, pivoting to try and disrupt the status quo in order to leverage your– Yeah, see? We get it. But a startup marketing consultant isn’t a buzzword. It’s a person who is primed to take your business to the next level.

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