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Top Boston Tech Startups

Boston is a city that is continuing to grow. It’s walkable, with historic walking tours and the Freedom Trail, as well as green spaces and decent public transportation. There are top-rated hospitals and doctors, providing access to some of the best health care in the world. Good food, great shopping, and tons of attractions make this a hot spot for growth. It’s also a city that’s seeing huge growth in startups. Here’s a look at some of the most promising Boston tech startups to look out for.

Give Card

Started in December of 2018, this Boston tech startup is aiming at giving back to an often neglected community in a big way. They’re focused on helping the homeless. Give Card offers members of the homeless community debit cards. These cards are pre-loaded with money and have some restrictions on them–like they can’t be used for alcohol or lottery tickets. But they can be used for other things, like food and care. Through Give Card’s website, you can donate to specific individuals or randomly and it goes right to their card. They are addressing the problem “but what can I do?” in a wonderful way.


Gradifi one of the great Boston tech startups that are providing an elegant solution to a major issue. In their case, it’s student loans. Launched in 2014, Gradifi has created a program for employers, rather than students, to integrate into their “perks” when hiring. It helps employees track, save, and pay off their own student loans, as well as offering ways for parents to save for their children’s academic future. If you’re looking to help your company stand out, this is a benefit that most fresh employees identify all too much with and a unique way to keep them working for you.


Speaking of happy employees and helping to create an enticing work package, LearnLux may be up your alley. Founded in 2015, this Boston tech startup works with your employees to teach them financial wellness. When financial stress is one of the number one contributors to an individual’s working and home stability, this company offers a solution. By assisting your employees in making informed financial decisions, such as contributing to their retirement and investing wisely, LearnLux is reducing the stress and panic that could have employees rushing to new jobs. Decreased turnover and increased happiness and productivity are a win in our book.


A Boston tech startup that helps other startups? Absolutely. IntelliStack offers cloud-based accounting service for startups in addition to hiring, payroll, HR, CFO, and digital marketing services. Providing up to date revenue, assisting with taxes and employee payment, and keeping invoicing fast and accurate, IntelliStack helps startups with the bookkeeping so that they can focus on building their business. Because they specialize in startups and growth, you know you’ll have the best accounting assistance the web has to offer.


Yet another Boston tech startup that’s focused on helping other businesses. For many startups that are product based, there may be a gap between the product and using up to date technology to showcase it to potential buyers. Enter Solo.io, a company that helps integrate new technologies into startups’ web services, keeping them fast and efficient. Started in 2017, Solo.io helps new companies look fresh and ready to take on the world with their innovative products streamlining the database, networking, and app health into something manageable and functional.

Boston is not only a city that offers an exciting place to live, but it also houses some of the most exciting tech startups of 2019. These are just a handful of the many offerings in innovative tech that can be found in Boston. Interested in IntelliStack? Let’s Chat.

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