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Top Benefits of Cloud Bookkeeping Software

As much as we want technology to bolster our business, it can be difficult to delegate some of the work. Especially when the work is your accounting and you’re considering putting it in the cloud. While that can sound intimidating, here are seven reasons cloud bookkeeping software is the right choice for small businesses, startups, and beyond!

  1. Easy Access to data anywhere. In an airport? You can check your accounts. On the road? In a restaurant? About to give a major presentation? In your pajamas? It doesn’t matter. Your accounts are a login and password away. Being able to keep constant track of your business’s accounts wherever you are can provide more relief than stress.
  2. Everyone stays connected. It can be frustrating if you need a signature on an order but your partner is on location somewhere else. Utilizing cloud bookkeeping software keeps everyone in the loop. Distance stops being a traffic jam when things need to move forward.
  3. It’s easy to keep things reconciled. Because your accounts are in the cloud, they are constantly up to date. Reconciliation is a breeze and discrepancies will appear immediately, keeping you from spending hours pulling hair out as you try and keep your accounts in order.
  4. Good client and vendor relationships. Because cloud bookkeeping software is keeping your business all shiny and up to date, it makes it simple to bill clients and to pay your invoices. This means no unhappy vendors and a smooth process with clients. Good relationships make for great business.
  5. Lowers overhead costs. You could hire an accountant. An in-house person to track your expenses, update your accounts, manage all the paperwork from clients and vendors and employees. It would be close at hand. But it can also be expensive to pay a full-time salary and cover benefits for someone doing the same job that cloud bookkeeping software can do.
  6. Tax time and benefits. As we come in on the end of tax season, this is where having a great bookkeeping software can change the game. Using a cloud bookkeeping software will mean your state’s taxes, federal taxes, and all your employees’ benefits are taken care of. There won’t be any frantic shuffling for papers and scrounging of documents. It’s been there in the cloud all along. Speaking of paper, here’s the final reason to switch to cloud bookkeeping software:
  7. Paperless! You won’t be completely paperless, but you can get pretty close. By using a cloud-based service, you’re going to limit the amount of paper used, kept, and wasted. This has obvious environmental benefits, it’ll keep your costs down, and honestly, it’s just nice not to have drawers and filing cabinets stuffed with paper.

There you have it. Seven reasons why incorporating a cloud bookkeeping software into your small business can make a world of difference. Ready to experience cloud bookkeeping software? Let’s chat!

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