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How to Find a Boston Digital Marketing Agency

When startups need to stand out, the key can be digital marketing. Using a Boston digital marketing agency can boost a company’s SEO, can create a brand that resonates with clients, and can do wonders for an overall marketing strategy.

If you’re searching for a Boston digital marketing agency there are some key things to look for. Here’s five of them:

  1. Presentation. If an agency is going to tell you how to promote and market your business, then their site needs to be slick. When searching for Boston digital marketing agencies, look at their website. It should be clean, eye-catching, and easy to navigate. If you’ve searched for ones in Boston, seeing the ones that pop up at the top is also a clue regarding their knowledge of SEO practices. The ones at the top can be the ones up to date in trends and keywords.
  2. Experience. This is a given when outsourcing any aspect of your business. What’s the company’s expertise? When did they start? How large is their staff? Does their staff offer diversity in talents?
  3. Tools. This is the bread and butter. When researching Boston Digital Marketing Agencies, be sure to see what tools they use to measure their work. There should be a host of tools for checking a website and SEO analytics, what they use for email marketing, what they use to stay on local trends, and more. There are dozens of tools out there, and finding the agency who knows which ones to use (and which to avoid) is an excellent marker for choosing your new partner.
  4. Social Media. Social Media isn’t just something they need to be trained to do. It should be something they are doing. Look at your potential agency’s accounts. Are they up to date? Is the company creating eye-catching posts? How much interaction do they have with users? An excellent digital marketing agency can walk the walk and talk the talk.
  5. Compatibility. Due to the nature of digital marketing, making sure you’re compatible with a company’s culture is vital to a pleasant working environment. These are people you’ll be working closely with. Is this subjective? Absolutely. But having a healthy working relationship will help stimulate the best work from them, which means optimum visibility and growth for you.

There are plenty of Boston digital marketing agencies to choose from. That doesn’t mean they’re all going to do the best job for your company. While investigating, keep some extra questions in mind.

Who have they worked with?

How do they define success?

How long until I can see results from a campaign?

Will they provide writing samples?

How do they optimize content?

What digital services are they experts in?

Do they outsource any services?

There are plenty more, but this, in combination with the 5 things to look for when searching, will help you find the best Boston digital marketing agency for your startup. Ready to chat?

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