Boston Startup Marketing Consultant vs. In-House: Don’t Make This Mistake

At the beginning of any startup journey, a founder wears many hats. A founder is the company’s biggest advocate. You are the bookkeeper, the marketer, sales expert, and visionary. However, once you succeed in securing funding, you begin to outsource a few of these hats. At least, you should be. It can be tempting to have your digital marketing in-house, but the better option may be hiring a Boston digital marketing consultant.

Boston area marketing strategy has changed substantially in the past few years. It is really difficult for in-house marketing teams to stay connected to the many changes that occur in real-time on digital marketing platforms. Not to mention, having a team of digital marketers on salary can be a huge financial burden for a Boston startup. Many larger companies feel pressured to bring on an in-house team to seem more distinguished, but that could be a huge mistake. When you are a growth-stage startup, the last thing you want to do is anchor yourself with huge salaries for director positions like CMO. Instead, hiring an outsourced team gives you all the benefit of a marketing focus without the cost or management.

Big Results from Outsourced Marketing

Digital agency marketing companies thrive at what they do. Startups often see great results from an outsourced marketing agency and then decide that they may see better results with an in-house team. That isn’t the case. A Boston digital marketing consultant feels pressure to perform. They will use their expertise, experience, and specialized knowledge to ensure that your company grows. Unfortunately, in-house teams (most) don’t feel that need to put up great numbers. Job security isn’t a motivator when it comes to digital marketing.

Why Do It Yourself?

The perspective that a business should bring everything in-house once they grow is outdated. The changes that have occurred in digital marketing makes outsourcing a smart, calculated, and financially sound decision. Why put all the pressure on your company when there are digital marketing agencies happy to take on the burden?

In order to stay competitive, you need to utilize the specialization of experts. A Boston digital marketing consultant provides you with access to everything you need at unmatched speed. If you would like to outsource your marketing, contact ThinkBeyond. We are happy to assist you.

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