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Bookkeeping for 2019: Who, What, How, Why?

2019 is full of prospect for small businesses and startups. It’s easier than ever to create a business, find avenues for marketing, hire, produce, and grow. It’s also the best time to consider online, virtual bookkeeping services. Here are some things it has to offer:

  • Access. With cloud-based bookkeeping, you have access to your accounts wherever you are. Traveling for work, attending conventions, or even at your local coffee shop you’ll have the ability to check your balance, invoice, move money, etc.
  • Security. virtual bookkeeping services take security seriously. In many ways, it is more secure than keeping your accounts on a localized computer. They have the resources to work consistently at keeping your accounts protected.
  • Ease of Use. When you choose to move your accounting to a cloud-based service, you’re gaining the comfort and ease of intuitive bookkeeping: no fancy software to learn, no updates to manage, and no hassle.
  • Backups. Who hasn’t forgotten to hit save after an hour (or more) of hard work? Online bookkeeping has real-time backups. This means as you add in receipts, bills, deposits, etc., your input is being backed up. This means your accounts are always up to date. This is a fantastic time saver, as well as giving you room to breathe–no lost information is a major plus!

Aside from the sales pitch, using a cloud-based service makes sense in 2019. We store so much in the cloud because we’ve learned the convenience of having things accessible no matter where we are. In a time when minimalism is sparking our interests, moving things online helps declutter not just our workspaces but our minds as well. Knowing that you have an expert helping you keep your records in tip-top shape, making sure no bills get forgotten, following up on invoices, payroll, and reconciling accounts in a minute-to-minute rate is a luxury. But, more importantly, it’s a luxury small businesses can afford.

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