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7 Benefits of Facebook Ads in 2019

When you own a small business or startup, your budget may be tight. Of course, you know that you have to spend money on marketing, but social media seems like a great free option. Why would you pay for ads when you can create posts that people can see without paying? Facebook is still the leading source of paid ads for small businesses and startups for a reason. You can gain significant leads and build your business with Facebook ads in 2019, even with a smaller budget, if you know what you are doing. Let us explain.

1. Your Customers Are on Facebook

Depending on your demographic, it is likely that the core base (or at least some of them) are on Facebook. In fact, more than 80% of internet users have a Facebook profile. That is 1.85 BILLION users. When you want to reach your target customers, there is no better platform. Which bring us to our next point…

2. You Can Choose Who to Target Accurately

When you are creating a Facebook campaign, you have the ability to precisely target exactly who you want, when you want. For example, if you are a startup that sells an app that allows pre-purchasing of sports tickets to professional games, you can target Facebook users that have an interest in sports, is part of sports groups, or friends with professional athletes. When you pay for advertising, only those targeted will see your ad, allowing your budget to stretch further.

3. Facebook Ads are Inexpensive

When you compare Facebook ad spend to traditional marketing methods, it provides the best value, hands down. For just $10 you can reach more than 1,000 potential customers. Now you can cross-advertise with Instagram, allowing you to reach younger demographics at the same price. When you look at other social media platforms, Facebook by far is the most cost-effective.

4. Immediate Web Traffic

Compared to other marketing strategies that require a long-term commitment to see results, Facebook ads in 2019 produce immediate traffic. For example, if you are advertising a recent article or blog post to drive people to your website, it provides immediate exposure to your content. When people click on your post, they are directly taken to your article, putting your product or service directly in front of customers that are likely to convert.

5. Facebook Ads Convert

While they do require some upfront cost, a vast majority of clients see an increase in sales revenue after running Facebook ads. With Facebook pixel, it also provides you with valuable information regarding customers that are interested in your business that you can target later, leading to long-term sustained revenue gains.

6. With the Right Knowledge, Facebook Ads Creates Engaged Fans

When you approach Facebook advertising with a succinct strategy, you create customers that not only purchase your product or service but become fans that engage with your company. Social media allows every person to directly engage with brands they are excited about. Creatively-written ads entice your fans to communicate with you about your business, creating more excited fans!

7. Facebook Ads Create Repeat Customers

How many times have you bought a product and then totally forgot what it was called, even though you enjoyed it? By keeping your business active on Facebook through targeted ads, you are reminding people who may have had a positive experience, to use your service again. This memory refresh is more likely to create repeat customers and is more effective than email retargeting.

We have seen it time and time again where clients give up on social media advertising because they spent money and it never went anywhere. You need knowledge of digital marketing experts to create ads that use your marketing budget effectively.

ThinkBeyond at IntelliStack has a team of digital marketing consultants in Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, and beyond dedicated to creating engaging Facebook ads in 2019 that convert. Ready to talk?

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